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11 December

Raw Sh*t

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MAHD got a beat from the up and coming beat maker Nolan the Ninja, and this is how he responded. Enjoy!Raw Sh*t


  • Ariana Labarrie, NYLON Guys

    MAHD’s RED LIPSTICK, “may be the most surprising yet brilliant use of a sample since Jay Z’s “Hard Knock Life”

    - Ariana Labarrie, NYLON Guys
  • | Hip Hop. More than music.

    Watching MAHD perform with his band in a suit is something new from all other videos he has released. “Red Lipstick” is a fun song geared toward empowering women and self confidence.

    - | Hip Hop. More than music.
  • Terrance Grantham, Soodetroit Magazine

    Over the past few years, Detroit has produced some raw, talented and game changing hip-hop lyricists; and the newest inductee to the small, yet diverse group is undoubtedly MAHD.

    - Terrance Grantham, Soodetroit Magazine